..joyful smile of a Balinese woman...


tual üzerine yağlı boya - Buscar con Google Yağlı Boya Güzel Kız Resimleri, Güzel Kız Portreleri, Oil Painting Beautiful Girl - Sayfa 3 - Ask Perisi www.askperisi.net500 × 731Buscar por imagen güzel köylü kızı resim çalışması pier auguste renoir

Smile, love this photo

Kathmandu, Nepal To me she is beautiful! Wrinkles are nothing to be ashamed of they are the story of your life.

At last moment of your life no bad vibes surrounds you. You just want to be in peace and love. Think every day of your life as your last day. You immediately get filled with love and compassion. You forgive yourself and forgive others when this thought comes to your mind. And all your energies gets automatically healed.

@Alexander Forsén Forsén Rostof - what a happy face, sweetheart!

I have no idea who this woman really is, but I have a feeling she'll make it in a novel as some sassy senior detective. Or the sassy senior vampire detective...

Dadong. Bless!

Eskimo Woman Posing

"Together Forever" by Lategana Michele


Kurdskye (kurdish) lady in the national clothing #photography #portrait

Beauty at her 79 years By: Rarindra Prakarsa via http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=15903252

such beautiful eyes hold such sadness Lynette ten Brummeler onto 96 tears...


Happy Sâdhu, Karnataka.

benevolent; photo and caption by Albert Tan. Shot taken at Vietnam, this beautiful old lady is a peddler

love this old lady's face.