Hard Candy nail polish original release, 1996

So pretty... I wonder if they used a stamp or drew the lines on like that. That would take a lot of skill.

Lacquered in Orange | Eeeek Nail Polish

5 Teen Fashion Catalogs From Your Past...ugggh I want to dress like that again!!!

Original 1970s Rickie Tickie Flower Power decals, stickers

who else remembers these!?

Yes!!! Because mani and pedi colours do not need to match; they just need to co-ordinate ;-)

55 Toys And Games That Will Make '90s Girls Super Nostalgic - I had a bunch of these, but allow me to highlight the ones I totally forgot about: Doodle Bears, those Barbie happy meal toys, Baby All Gone, Fashion Plates, and Skydancers! Oh, 90s childhood.

Bon Bons. The 90s... I still have one!!

Loved these!

I loved this stuff!!

Hard Candy nail polish! Takes me back!

Puffy stickers

Ahh the memories!

90's makeup! I wouldn't be shocked if I still have some of this nail polish and Chapstick stashed away somewhere.

Tinkerbell nail polish

There’s now a crazy version of Guess Who? called Guess Who? Electronic Extra that looks mighty complicated. (They still make a version closer to the original but the faces on that one are changed.) | Here's What 23 Of Your Childhood Toys Look Like Now

Barbie Cases- I had my mom's original Barbie case!


1996 Motorola StarTAC

Push Pops, Pixy Stix, Warheads, and other reasons it was sweet to be a '90s girl <<< Agreed!