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    Hard Candy nail polish original release, 1996



    • Hard Candy Cosmetics

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    • Nicole Levy

      Hard Candy made the best nail polish colours in the 90s. The packaging and jelly ring was the ultimate. Wish I kept my old original bottles before they got bought out by Walmart.

    • Melissa Parker

      Either way, ’90s girls will always remember Hard Candy like this: Absolutely perfect. | A Tribute To Hard Candy Nail Polish As You Knew It In The '90s

    • Jane Oliver Dickson

      Hard Candy nail polish original release, 1996 This put a dent in my allowance back in the day!

    • lorna avery

      Either way, '90s girls will always remember Hard Candy like this: Absolutely perfect.

    • Katie Balamucki

      Hard Candy nail polish original release, 1996 department store quality

    • Fritzi Schwenkhoff

      Hard Candy Nail Polish Original Release Poster - 1996

    • BeautyChick101

      Throwback Thursday: Hard Candy Nail Polish

    • Jess Wes

      "Vintage" Hard Candy nail polish ad

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