DIY and homemade chicken waterers. Quick and easy to put together. You'll need a drill or drill press (or pocket knife in a pinch), pliers, a plastic container of any size, and the contents of one of our kits. Elapsed time is roughly an hour, less if you're handy. $15/each.

Think I like this better than the nipple waterers I'm using now

Multi-pipe chicken waterer.

Chicken feeder

raw pumpkin seeds can be used as a natural wormer in chickens

Chicken standing on brick in water to cool off! Brick absorbs water. KEEPS CHICKENS COOLED OFF IN HOT WEATHER!

1.) 7 Tips For Keeping Backyard Chicken Eggs Safe To Eat 2.) Great ideas for your Chicken Coop- (at the bottom of the article)


nipple chicken watering system = clean chicken water

Chicken Heater & Water Warmer Combination

Chicken coop idea..!!

Homemade "Flock Block" to keep them from pecking each other out of boredom while cooped up during bad weather.

Apple Chicken Treats

chicken waterers

The best chicken feeder ever - I made it out of PVC from Home Depot. No mess and a minimal footprint to maximize floor space in the chicken coop.

If only I could keep chickens

Chicken signs make great presents for chicken lovers - or get one for yourself! It's the fashion now to decorate your chicken coop on the outside,...

chicken waterer

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Clean Coop Tips. Love the raised water and feed to keep them clean.

DIY Homemade Flock Blocks For Chickens #Chickens