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    DIY and homemade chicken waterers. Quick and easy to put together. You'll need a drill or drill press (or pocket knife in a pinch), pliers, a plastic container of any size, and the contents of one of our kits. Elapsed time is roughly an hour, less if you're handy. $15/each.

    nipple chicken watering system = clean chicken water

    What exactly are "Free Range" chickens: A Farmer explains. ~VERY interesting article! ;)

    Think I like this better than the nipple waterers I'm using now

    8 Tips for CLEAN EGGS from Backyard Chickens #BackyardChickens

    DIY Chicken Waterer | Build A Better Chicken Feeder/Waterer

    Raising Chickens | Keeping Chickens

    Take preventative measures to keep your chickens worm-free by growing and feeding them these natural de-worming plants.

    Chicken coop ideas

    British poster, 1915: Enlisted for duration of the war. Help the national egg collection for the wounded.

    homemade chicken feed

    Time for Your Yearly Bath, Whether You Need One Or Not | Backyard Poultry Magazine

    DIY - Homemade Chicken Nipple Waterer - this is gravity fed by a 5 gallon bucket located outside the pen. Keeps water clean, chickens drink more.

    Duckweed is easy to grow, prolific and high in protein and nutrients. My chickens love it!

    Chicken Feeders And Waterers | Chickens drinking out of a homemade chicken waterer (pvc pipe)

    Garden chicken run

    Homemade Heated Chicken Waterer

    The Chicken Fountain | Chicken Waterer - clean water by design...

    A case for keeping backyard hens and letting them free-range!

    ya know the garden grows better when you wear cute shoes,Chickens Gardener's Clogs ! I LOVE these!

    homemade chicken waterer