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longhairdoll: i love this vintage nightie ♡ it looks white in photos but it is actually the softest pink.

Harper's BAZAARfrom Harper's BAZAAR

Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie Cover Love Magazine

See Margot Robbie and Cara Delevigne cover LOVE Magazine: The Suicide Squad duo channel their inner '80s girl group.​

the virgin suicides: the girls were the most popular, desired and mysterious girls in town. Probably because of a combination of them being virgins and traditionally attractive,

For The Health of Itfrom For The Health of It

The Lines Project Spread the Word

It's today and every day until the 20th!!! Please spread the word as much as you can

[open roleplay! Be him please] I had a disease no one knew about it, except one person, he was the only one who know. One day I was in the dance room alone when I started to feel dizzy. The pills I had to take had harsh side effects and this was just one of them. My knees went numb and I grabbed the bar. "Quinn?!" I hear someone yell as I collapse. "Quinn oh my god!" They yell again "get beck" I say before I pass out. -30 minutes later- I started waking up and I tried to sit yo but someone…