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Thirsty Little Fluffy Tail....Double the pleasure, double the fun. The magic of reflection!

(Really) Cute Animals, Red Squirrel by Walter Soestbergen

HOME & GARDEN: La forêt, c'est beau été comme hiver !

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When the SQUIRREL comes into our lives it is often a message for us to have more fun, and take life a little less seriously. Also a sign that it might be time to look into our own provisions.

This image makes use of a deep depth of field and focus on the chipmunk. This place emphasis on the chipmunk. The blur up front creates a feeling of space in front of the chipmunk. A quick shutter speed along with this picture makes the chipmunk look still.

Iiiik!...Uhm, This´s The Right Place At The Right Time For Me...Samissomar´s Pinterests Are Just What I Was Needing For My Best Enjoyment !...

~~Enough with the pictures, Lady, I'm trying to sleep ~ grey squirrel by chaines9~~