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Toner for Tilemill is a port of Stamen's high contrast, black-and-white mapping style, Toner, for use with Tilemill. The style is ment to reflect the current state of Toner's appearance in the easy to use Tilemill environment.

Environment Map


Toner prototype scarf for @softcities

stamen is awesome


vintage infographic $25

Match box with map of Israel

Stamen is on the cover of Icon Magazine!

Since living in Baltimore, I’ve wanted some sort of map of the city to hang on my wall. Unfortunately, I never found anything I liked. Something I did like is Stamen Design’s Toner maps. However, in its most easily available form, online map tiles, it is not well suited for high-resolution printing nor does it show the city limits. Fortunately, the style is open source. After cloning the repository, adding a rule to make an outline of Baltimore, rendering it to SVG, and clipping and editing....

Gallery - Architects Tackle LA's Water Scarcity - 5

here.stamen.com early sketches, misfiring

Bild 31: Der Golfstrom

6 months with area C by densitydesign, via Flickr

@mapbox @stamen @geoiq

Added support for @stamen map tiles to d3.carto.map. #d3js

brooklyn map

Visualization of taxi traffic. Part of "Sense of Patterns" - visualizing mobility data in public spaces.

London Poster - Bibliothèque Design


All sizes | Leicester Square, Covent Garden Wayfinding | Flickr - Photo Sharing!