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There was a fogbow in San Francisco yesterday. It lit up the whole sky.

The Golden Gate and Bridge from Baker Beach, San Francisco, CA, 1953 by anseladams —Long before the bridge was built, the teenage Adams often took the streetcar from his home near Baker Beach to the waterfront downtown, caught the ferry across the Golden Gate, and spent the day roaming the Marin hills seen to the left in this photograph. #Photography #San_Francisco #Golden_Gate_Bridge #Ansel_Adams

Golden Gate Bridge construction, before the roadway was poured, October 12, 1936. Compare with the opening 7 months later here:

The See’s Candies delivery motorcycle and van outside the store at 519 W. Washington in Los Angeles, 1931.

Garden Shed Studio Has Green Walls, Built of Green Materials

It seems like only yesterday that I was wondering if garden sheds would catch on in North America, when Alex at Shedworking tips me off to this lovely little painting studio in a San Francisco garden, by