Master the Basics of Drywall: Cutting Drywall. With a few simple tools and special techniques you'll be cutting drywall like a pro in no time. Plus we'll show you how to plan your installation to make the best use of materials and avoid waste. By the DIY experts of The Family Handyman Magazine.

This article walks you through the “Do's and Don'ts” of drywall installation. It will help you avoid seven common mistakes people make when tackling their drywall projects. Enjoy the foibles of our enthusiastic but sadly misguided drywall installer as he shows you the right way and the wrong way to get the job done.

Soundproof a room by adding insulation, acoustical caulk and an extra layer of drywall.

How to tape drywall joints. Cut a shallow v on butt joints to reduce the paper from being lifted up by the frayed paper and chunks of drywall.

Room-painting tips from a pro; putting the groove along the edge of the ceiling was worth reading it, alone.

the family handyman editor, mark petersen, will show you how to cut drywall perfectly straight for a perfect fit every time. the better the installation, the easier it is to tape and mud.

How to install drywall...I think I may attempt this on my's just for a small area in the garage

Amazing tutorial for how to DIY a built in shelf. She makes it looks so easy.

Common Drywall Installation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them These tips will help you do a professional-quality job

Drywall Ceiling Repair: Cut out the Water Damaged Area with Drywall Jab Saw-this tutorial is for suspended ceiling but should work for wood joists too.

DIY refinishing kit for hardwood floors (no sanding required)

DIY baseboard tutorial with printable cheat sheet of cuts and terms. Shows how to install your own baseboards with tips and tricks the pros use.

You can save a lot of money by doing your own wiring. Here we'll show you to wire an entire room.

How to cut a piece of drywall around an intricate border or molding. |

How to Avoid Common Drywall Installation Mistakes. Do your homework now and save a headache later!

Master the Basics of Drywall: Cutting Drywall | The Family Handyman

How to Fix Drywall Holes...i would also put some mud on can lid before placing in the hole...extra bond

How to Install Drywall (with 75+ pics): Hanging, Taping, Finishing

How to remove baseboard and trim without damaging your wall or molding. *I find it best to start at the beginning of a run of trim. First CUT through your caulk. Don’t just score it, cut it. The caulk can tear the drywall paper if you don’t cut through.

How to Install a Duct Booster Fan. Fine tune your heating and cooling system: