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Very hippie, i love it! An earring holder made out of painted twigs. and they are so pretty, I almost forget about the cute earrings, almost.

41 Amazing Free People-Inspired DIYs

Wooden Jewelry Holder - could add other sticks to it to make weird tree/antler-looking sculpture to hold additional hair supplies jewelery

Weaving Pattern

Branch weaving instructable - fun nature activity for crafty and creative kids that just uses yarn

Crafts for Kids: Painted Stick Mobiles

A lovely craft that puts all of the cool sticks we find on our nature expeditions to good use!

"My Heart My Home" Decorative Beaded Window Wish Catcher

Cut up those wire hangers, make your hearts and design with beads, shells, wrap with ribbon, baby's breath or add spike to stand in plants! (Cost should be less than $10.00)

DIY Dreamcatcher Ideas

Crescent Garden Fairy DIY Dream Catcher | DIY dreammcatcher | Ideas & Inspiration, see more at