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Solar S'mores

This worked great at camp. Try to find a box deeper than the regular pizza box. Solar S'mores: Make a solar oven with a recycled pizza box lined with aluminum foil. It's a snack and a craft project .

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Easy DIY steps to creating a "solar oven" out of a pizza box . Great ideas for summer learning or science activities.

Solar Oven S'mores are a fun summertime activity mixed with a little education too!

Solar Oven S'mores

Need a fun edible science experiment? Solar Oven Smores are the perfect summer activity for kids. This would be good to do twice once in summer and once in the late fall or winter when the weather was cool and kids could compare the results.

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Heat changes things. Solar Ovens cooking smores

how to make a solar oven from a pizza box - The tinfoil reflects the suns heat into the box lined with black paper. Apparently she has cooked cookies this way as well! Below is a tutorial for how to make a solar oven from a pizza box.

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Rockets! @Ann Flanigan Dorsey, show this to Papa!!

Encourage oral motor work when kids blow these clever paper rockets -- idea from Curious Kangaroos

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