Secrets to contouring and highlighting based on your face shape.

contouring for different face shapes

Face Shapes

The power of highlight and contour.

How To Contour And Highlight Perfectly #contour #Highlight

YES! Fill in those brows!! Why do woman forget about their brows??? It will totally transform your face for the better! But PLEASE know how to do it right!!!


contour. I'm not really one for foundation or base makeup, but this is pretty great.

face contouring for the different shapes of faces.

Contour the eye



It's all about contouring and highlighting that makes all the change in your face


by far one of the greatest things a person can learn- contouring/highlighting can change your whole look


Face Brush Guide and Cheat Sheet! Right now I'm definitely recommending the Nars Foundation Brush! It's been my favorite face brush of October!

How To Cream Highlight & Contour