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Bring a touch of the sensory fun of the season indoors with these delightful Halloween sensory bins!

25 Halloween Science and Sensory Activities for Kids

Over 25 Halloween science and sensory activities for the kids! Preschoolers and school-aged kids, alike, will get into the holiday science and sensory fun!

25 soap foam sensory activities for kids from And Next Comes L

25 Soap Foam Sensory Activities for Kids

Halloween activities for kids- sensory activities

Goblin Guts Sensory Play- Just another fun twist on pasta sensory play. Toss in rats, eye balls, snakes, spiders, and whatever else would make up a great batch of goblin guts. The kids have a blast exploring!

Our children come into this world wired to find out about their surroundings.  By providing sensory experiences we enhance their development, and often help them regulate their emotions by giving their growing brains exactly what they are craving.  I find it is much easier to parent when we learn about some of these engaging sensory activities for our kids.

Sensory Activities for Children

Robinson - try some of these with Samuel, maybe?) Top 10 Most Popular Sensory Posts on CWK - Does sensory play help keep your household happy?

Fizzy Cloud Dough Experiment (Taste Safe) from

Fizzy Cloud Dough Experiment (Taste Safe)

This multi-leveled sensory explore become science experiment is a great entertainer as well as playful learning experience! Take a look at our Fizzy Cloud Dough Experiment (Taste Safe) Tap the link to check out fidgets and sensory toys!

Great Sensory Activities for Kids

Great Sensory Play Activities for Kids

Working in Therapeutic Recreation I learned the importance of incorporating sensory activities in the classroom.

Autumn Sensory Bin for Children: Building a Small World with Carved Pumpkins, Pine Cones, and Leaves

Little House in the Pumpkin - Autumn Craft & Sensory Bin

Autumn Sensory Bin for Children: Building a Small World with Carved Pumpkins, Pine Cones, and Leaves

sensory activities for toddlers

Alphabet sensory bin - alphabet pieces, alphabet puzzle to fill in letter? Lego guy, shovel, etc

Musical Instrument Crafts for Kids - In Lieu of Preschool

Preschool Crafts for Kids*: Rain Stick Music Craft 4 (Sensory Bottle).Now THIS is MY kind of could even color the quinoa and amaranth with an alcohol/food coloring mixture.

Frozen water beads

Stay cool and turn this favorite sensory activity into a CHILLY recipe for play. are such a fun sensory play item!