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    California Gold Miners 1850

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    Goldminers Gold Rush Miners ~ California 1850 Famous Vintage Photographs & Photos Striking It Rich! Gold Miners using sluice to find nuggets and gold dust.

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The Klondike Gold Rush | Dawson | The Chilkoot Pass

On 19 October, 1872, the Holtermann’s nugget was found in Australia. It is the largest specimen of gold ever found, measuring 150 x 66 cm, weighing 286 kg and with an estimated gold content of 5000 ounces (57 kg). Entire shiploads of prospectors bound for California took a U-turn to rush down under. The resultant infrastructure and population boom shaped Victoria and especially Melbourne city. Holtermann invested wisely, building a magnificent mansion in Sydney, depicting nugget and himself

Yukon Gold Rush Photo Album - Neatorama

You are viewing a rare image of Gold in pan. It was taken in 1916. The image shows Gold from the Alaskan Gold Rush.

The Victorian gold rush was a period in the history of Victoria, Australia approximately between 1851 and the late 1860s. Learn more about it and how much Australia's population expanded.

Gold rush miner.

James Marshall found this tiny piece of pure gold in the tailrace of John Sutter’s Coloma, California, sawmill on January 24, 1848. This is the actual nugget that sparked the rush for California gold.

Miners at the head of Auburn Ravine, 1852 from a daguerreotype attributed to Joseph B. Starkweather

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Gold miners combed the Rocky Mountains, including the slopes of Pikes Peak, during the first gold rush of 1859.

Placer Mining in Columbia, Tuolumne County, California. The Rocker


California Gold Rush miners searching for gold, 1852

panning for gold

An extraordinary photo of Miner panning gold. It was made in 1916. The photo documents Gold mining.

Ye Old Time Prospector Pecos, New Mexico - 1885 Photo By: Ben Wittick


Deadwood, South Dakota from the south, 1876.

Miners in the west

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Gold Fever Prospecting - Mining Equipment, Gold Panning Paydirt & Nuggets

Miners looking for gold

Stampeders near Sheep Camp on the Chilkoot trail. 1897.

Enjoy panning for gemstones with you kids in our authentic sluice - just like the miners did during the gold rush!