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Scottish Highlands

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  • Sue

    Scottish version of a Texas longhorn

  • Brittany Richard

    Scottish highland bull

  • Mary Achor

    "...we met a herd of immensely shaggy, long-horned highland cattle, looking very much like prehistoric creatures recently risen from some weed-grown swamp. They did not much like the looks of us, either...." "The Moor" by Laurie R. King. Highland Cow. Photo by Dave Ovenden.

  • The Castleton House

    Scottish Highland Cattle

  • Michelle Blackford

    big furry friend :)

  • Tiffany

    Highland Coo! Photo by Dave Ovenden.

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scottish highlander - yard ornament i must have =) -- STEPH CAN I KEEP HIM AT YOUR HOUSE!!! PUHLEASE!! haha i bet CM wont let me lol.

Scottish Highland Cattle - This is what my hair looks like now while I'm trying to grow it out!

Highland cow.....Just saw this on Nat Geo Wild yesterday I love this animal!!!

Scottish Highlanders

Bessie, she is a little baby, she was a gift from Rory's mom. Since they live on a farm, they own a lot of other animals, but she is Rory's favorite.

Scottish highland cow ... I took this picture at This is the Place Heritage Park. It triggers all kind of emotions in me.

"great hairy coo" (to be said in a Scottish accent), Scottish Highland Cattle, so cute. Can't wait to see one up and close!!!

Scottish Highlander-if you're going to be a cow, you might as well look cool doing it! Love these critters!