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Abbey Craig

Wallace Monument, Scotland... Dieser Aufstieg... Mörderisch! Aber es hat sich in jedem Fall gelohnt.

Dunnottar Castle, Scotland~Dunnottar Castle is a ruined medieval fortress located upon a rocky headland on the north-east coast of Scotland. The surviving buildings are largely of the 15th and 16th centuries. Dunnottar is best known as the place where the Honours of Scotland, the Scottish crown jewels, were hidden from Oliver Cromwell's invading army in the 17th century.

Runes-letters modified from Phoenician alphabet. Runic was often written without spaces between words & where 2 of the same letter sat beside each other only one would be used. It was written both from left to right & right to left. It was mainly used to label items with the owner's name & was considered magical as most people were illiterate & did not understand the concept of symbols representing sounds. This also led to their use in fortune telling.

Caerlaverock Castle, Scotland * Moated triangular castle built in the 13th century, sits on the southern coast of Scotland and built to control trade in early times. For 400 years the castle was besieged, abandoned, demolished and reconstructed, but always maintained its distinctive triangular shape. In 1640 the castle was besieged for the last time and today is in the care of Historic Scotland and a popular tourist attraction.

Mansfield Castle ~ The Highlands of Scotland

Highland Cow, Isle of Mull, Scotland