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Holyrood Abbey Edinburgh

The Top 10 Free Things to Do in Edinburgh by The Culture Trip. Click on the image to see the full list! http://www.flickr.com/photos/ramas2k/9573463829/in/set-72157635198246768

Thistle Chapel, St. Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh. Our tips for things to do in Edinburgh: http://www.europealacarte.co.uk/blog/2011/12/19/edinburgh-tips

Holyrood (means "Holy Cross") Abbey in Scotland. Reportedly, Robert the Bruce held parliament here. Multiple invading armies damaged the Abbey, which was finally plundered during the Scottish Reformation in 1559. I know it was important to make the point of rejecting wrongful worship, but, couldn't the just put a padlock on the door?

Ruins in Green The Holyrood Abbey in Edinburgh. Lovely green, isnt it?

William Wallace statue at Stifling Castle looking across to the Wallace monument, yep been there

Holyrood Abbey Edinburgh doesn't look very alive here, but it was

Ruins of Holyrood Abbey in Edinburgh, Scotland; built in 1128 by King David I of Scotland and home for mediaeval monks with HDR and grunge fancies. It has been a ruin since the eighteenth century. || 10000wishes on flickr

this is inside of St Giles cathedral. Just a beautiful place to walk around. They even let you take photos in here, so no need to sneak them. :D Discovered by Michael Schuier at St Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh, Scotland

The chapel of Templars - Rosslyn (Edinburgh) - Scotland. Roslyn Chapel was one of my favorite places. Founded in the mid-15th century by William Sinclair who was descended from a noble family of Norman knights. It is said to have many Knights Templar symbols, and the chapel was featured in Dan Brown's novel 'The Da Vinci Code'.

Saint Giles Cathedral - also known as the High Kirk of Edinburgh Royal Mile - Edinburgh, Scotland it dates back to the 14th cent

St Giles Cathedral ~ Edinburgh, Scotland

The ruins of Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh, Scotland. (I've been before but the Mr hasn't and wasn't up for it last year. Next time!)

St. Giles’ Cathedral, Edinburgh, Scotland by mbell1975 on Flickr

Edinburgh, Scotland

Holyrood House, Edinburgh, Scotland. Home to Scottish Kings and Queens, and the current Edinburgh residence of Queen Elizabeth II

The Chapel of Templars ~ Rosslyn, Edinburgh, Scotland

Linlithgow Palace is a large, eerie and well preserved ruin about 15 miles west of Edinburgh. It was one of the main residences of the kings and queens of Scotland until 1603, but fell into disuse and burned down in 1746.

Holyrood Abbey, Scotland. Ris an old word for a type of Christian cross, bearing a lower cross-bar as well as the main upper cross-bar. It therefore means the cross which Jesus Christ was crucified upon; thus the name Holyrood is equivalent to "Holy Cross."

The ruins of Holyrood Abbey in Edinburgh, Scotland. •❤° Nims °❤•

Melrose Abbey, Scotland - Cistercian Monks Order - Founded 1136/7 by David I of Scotland