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Scotland. I want to go see this place one day. Please check out my website thanks.

The ruins of Holyrood Abbey in Edinburgh, Scotland. •❤° Nims °❤•

Holyrood Abbey, Scotland. Ris an old word for a type of Christian cross, bearing a lower cross-bar as well as the main upper cross-bar. It therefore means the cross which Jesus Christ was crucified upon; thus the name Holyrood is equivalent to "Holy Cross."

beautiful image of Holyrood Abbey ruins ... Edinburgh, Scotland. Photo by David P. of Light and Dark, Flickr

The Palace of Holyroodhouse, also known as Holyrood Palace, is the official residence of the monarch in Scotland.

Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh ~ I went here during my honeymoon to England and Scotland ~ 20 years ago

Holyrood (means "Holy Cross") Abbey in Scotland. Reportedly, Robert the Bruce held parliament here. Multiple invading armies damaged the Abbey, which was finally plundered during the Scottish Reformation in 1559. I know it was important to make the point of rejecting wrongful worship, but, couldn't the just put a padlock on the door?

The Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh- This place is awesome! I hope to go back some day.

Edinburgh, Scotland. Charming city. Had tea with Rachel when she took the train from London to meet me.

A quiet room in the Iona Abbey in Scotland on the Isle of Iona. #reading, #books