giraffe-in-a-tree: “Ending my posting for the night with a sassy giraffe calf! She’s a splendid roadblock! Photo by Solarstones ”

Hahahahahaha! :)  Okay, this makes me look cocky and full of it. But I think this is cool. :)

Giraffes make me happy.RAINBOW giraffes make me incredibly happy!

Baby Giraffe No. It would be adorable for a baby's room or I'm thinking even for my living room. It's SO Animals baby Animals

極上のキリン写真。厳選の20枚 : カラパイア

Giraffe eclipse - Sunset in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe beautiful shot

Giraffe pancakes! @Matt Gaskin @Megann Garber@Sarah Davidson @Emily Hudson @Sam Costanzo

How awesome is this, a tutorial on how to make a giraffe pancake! At Jim's Pancakes you can find all kinds of pancake how to's both with pictures and videos.

Giraffe Silouette ,Taken late afternoon as this giraffe came into a river crossing

I love that all you can see is the giraffe's silhouette and the only color in the photo is the sunset in the background. Giraffe Silhouette - Taken late afternoon as this giraffe came into a river crossing

Absolutely amazing picture, love how it doesn't show any of the actual giraffe!

Reflections over stones in shallow water. Looks like it's reflecting a giraffe. Nature = the everyday unexpected

Untitled : Photo

♀ Wildlife photography animals kingdom Giraffe storm "I can see whats coming" by David Hobcote

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