Really like this idea...

Garden bench filled with flowers, with bench tutorial

For any trees than have to come down as too near the house, etc., I'd love to leave as many stumps as possible and plant some similar to this.

Left over tree stumps could be used for planting flowers.

Container flower "Recipes".  This site gives you the name of the flowers and plants used for each pic.

Tons of container gardens - includes plant descriptions

red petunias and dichondra

Blue chair, red petunias and dichondra

Impatiens in-the-garden

How to Make A Terra Cotta Pot Flower Tower (or Crooked Tower) with Annuals - Perfect for limited spaces - an apartment or condo; home w/ small or no yard; deck, patio, porch or outside front door. Works well with fragrant herbs or a mix of flowers herbs.

galvanized bucket hanging planters by roslyn

galvanized bucket hanging planters Love the clothesline pulley too

2010 San Francisco Flower and Garden Show

The San Francisco Flower and Garden Show- Container Drama

Love this reuse of a tire rim! 2010 San Francisco Flower and Garden Show

82 Creative Container Gardens | Calibrachoa by margery

Spectacular Container Gardens: Calibrachoa - Southern Living - Calibrachoa looks like a miniature petunia. Forming a trailing mound, it’s perfect for pots and hanging baskets.

READER PHOTOS! Bonnie's garden in Georgia | Fine Gardening

READER PHOTOS! Bonnie's garden in Georgia

Bonnie's garden in Georgia--Click through to read more about this garden!

Bottle trees are said to capture evil spirits.  Here is the legend at Texas Tin Lizard, "Evil spirits are drawn to the glow of colored glass, especially blue  wine bottles. They enter the bottles and are trapped inside, consumed,  and converted to goodness and radiant light."

Heirloom Gardening in the South – Yesterday’s Plants for Today’s Gardens

The signature of God is written in flowers

Post-vacation blues, the August heat, and a gimpy arm (yes, again!) have had me a little down in the dumps lately, so I thought a look back.

Sun or shade, window boxes give color and cheer to any building.  Change them with the season to experience the first spring blooms, the richness of summer color, and as an antidote to winter's gloom.

Window Boxes Can be Beautiful in All Seasons by Daggett Builders, Inc - By Daggett Builders, Inc - Rockland - Camden - Knox - Courier-Gazette - Camden Herald

Gorgeous farmhouse garden tour - love the painted floor in the gazebo

Eclectic Garden Tour - Gypsy Farm Girl

She lives on a beautiful Texas cattle ranch, Tour the junk garden of Gypsy Farm Girl that's filled with unique containers, plantings and found gazebo.

Grow your own Herbs!  BY:  FOOD52

Grow your own Herbs! BY: FOOD52

Front yard flower barrel 30 days

Front yard flower barrel 30 days

Pot plant ideas. Using contrasting colours can have a striking effect

Dont have time to maintain a full garden? Opt for some bright potted colour!