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    Gift idea for Anabelle

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    Number Hunt Game by Educational Insights. $16.62. Be the first to reach the finish and you win. Practice adding, subtracting, counting and finding addends. Silly safari friends in a race through the jungle. From the Manufacturer Join your silly safari friends in a race through the jungle, counting, reading and adding numbers to move around the board. Be the first to reach the finish and you win. Small Parts: Not for < 3 yrs. Grades K+/Ages 5+. 2 to 4 player ...

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What you’ll need: an egg carton, a red Sharpie, an empty container (I used an Oatmeal container) and a picture of the characters from the book (see below). This activity evolved once we started it, so I eventually used wooden grilling skewers we had to make the apples stay on top of eachother.

Place Value math station where kids look at cards with base 10 blocks to color in a cute picture

Magnet Money Idea might be a good addition to the calendar area...

Have the students pick a number. Count that number of sticks. Make a design and recreate it with the same color markers on paper. Counting, geometry/shapes, art

Kindergarten number game: math quantities and numerals. I have: flashcards, dice (some w/dots, some w/numerals), playing cards, felt cards, dominos, geometric figures, magnet numerals

Numbersearches! Choose a number, write it in the middle box. Kids search vertically, horizontally and diagonally to find addends that equal the number. In 2nd grade we use this for numbers 7-20. It's a great "sponge" when you have a few spare minutes! I put a blank copy on my Pinterest page.

Counting and Addition Activity Tray Math Game from the Imagination Tree. She makes this fun!

The Imagination Tree writes numbers on pebbles with permanent marker, & then uses them for for counting, ordering & addition maths activities.