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Have I already pinned this? Its just so stunning. My hair never holds a braid crown

Start this like a regular braid, but drop the top piece through to the bottom and leave it there. Gently twist the 2 pieces you’re left with upward. Add a new 3rd piece in between + drop it through. Twist again and repeat. Keep going until you get to the back. Tie it with a clear elastic, tuck the end under, and secure with a bobbypin.

braided bangs- perfect for when you're growing out your bangs and they are at that awkward length

purple hair!- For when my hair goes even more grey and I get sick of it. I will be the only grandma with long purple hair. Wicked awesome braid too.

"How To: The Messy 4 Braid Updo" This requires more product than I generally use, but I really like it. I'm thinking I might give it a go for a formal event I'm going to this weekend, assuming I can find a chance to try it once or twice first!

Kouturekiss - The Waterfall Braid