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  • Savannah Crutchley

    Chain mail from soda tabs.

  • Monday Blues

    chain mail- me thinks I have found the project for my poptabs!

  • Hannah Williams

    Recycling idea for those pop tabs. I'd imagine you'd want to clean them first! CHAINMAIL HERE WE COME @denise grant Brown

  • DW

    Pop tabs chainmail, really cool just takes so long to do. @Abigail Ver Mulm we should do this for Halloween! haha we better start collecting pop can tabs

  • Terri-Robin Haywood

    Pop tabs chain mail. Too much work but still a rad idea

  • Waste Connections of Memphis in Tennessee

    Chain mail is very popular (no pun intended) this year! Make this cute chain mail bag with old soda can tabs! Get more great ideas with

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pop tab purse...would be great with all of the different colored Monster tabs ♥

Pop tab bracelet! One of my students made me a bracelet similar to this :-)

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