Penny is my child. My furry, sometimes stinky child. She is not a "pet" nor is she optional. She is just as much part of my family as my children and husband are.

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True story...

"It's Only A Dog" Really!?


Love my dogs!!

Love a dog

How true this is. We always adopts oldies. Means we don't always have them for long but give them the best for the time we have them. Adopt - you'll never regret it!


Just A Dog? To me my dog isn't a dog he is my furry little brother who gives me unconditional love and is definitely part of my family!

All dogs go to heaven

So true

Member of the Family ♥

Dogs have a way

It's true but just not on the lips......

So very true.

$ $ Rich beyond words

So true :)

true love