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A cross between garlic bread and pizza, cheesy bread is a quick, easy, and delicious party snack.
Garlic Monkey Bread THIS is awesome n so easy I will never ever make another garlic bread!!!!
Bubbly Cheese Garlic Bread - 1/2 C soft butter, 1-2 cloves crush garlic, 1/2-1 C creamy Italian salad dressing,  2 halves Italian bread, 2 C shred Cheddar, mozzarella or Monterey Jack cheese, 2 tsp dried parsley. Blend butter, garlic, salad dressing together in a small bowl. Place bread on sheet pan. Spread butter mixture over both halves. Top with shredded cheese and parsley. Bake, uncovered, 375 :10-20 min, until cheese is melted and bubbly. Slice each half into 8 pieces. 16 servings.
Great Garlic Herb Knots Recipe - only 4 ingredients - ready in 15 minutes!
Garlic Cheese Pull Apart Bread - Not too hard. I just had to look up what a "warm place" meant for letting the dough rise and I would need to purchase the spring form pan.
Herbed Cheese Puffs
100 Famous Restaurant Recipes You Can Replicate at Home:  Eating out is a popular phenomenon.  Fast food is convenient and only takes minutes out of a day.  Fine dining is on the rise and can put a dent in your wallet. Unless you were a master chef with a keen sense of taste, these recipes were lost to you until the internet came along and provided those with the ability to reproduce recipes and post them for the world to see.  Here are 100 famous restaurant recipes you can recreate at home.
..Stuffed Italian Bread is like onion-garlic bread on crack. Highly snackable, highly addictive, you find yourself unable to stop pulling those cheesy bread pieces and licking your fingers good after devouring each piece..
Best Recipes in the World: Cheesy Garlic Sticks