Everything you need to know about spray painting furniture! I want to keep this link

Everything you need to know about spray paint all in one place! This is a MUST-PIN!

Spray paint hand gun - $6 at Home Depot. Saves your finger and helps spray a nice even coat

Spray paint frames & add chicken wire.

How to Paint Anything! Step-by-step instructions with-photos of the products to use so you can buy the right ones.

Spray paint tin containers

frame spray painting tip. Why did I never think of this?

Colorful Tsotchkes - Kitschy turns cool with some bright and bold spray paint.

Acrylic paint and an overnight dry followed by sanding with a nail file and finished with a water and scratch resistant spray= beautifully distressed mason jars!

The answer to my prayers! For my outdoor cushions! Spray It New | Navy Blue Upholstery Fabric Paint

rubber bands and spray painted to look like trees

striped glassware-Rubber bands, all different widths - Glass cups - Spray Paint (special purpose works best)

10 Spray Paint Tips: What You Never Knew About Spray Paint

Create the Tarnished Silver/Mercury Glass Look With Spray Paint, Water and Vinegar! Super pretty and oh the possibilities...

Are you tyring chalk paint for the first time? Don't miss these Tips and Tutorials for Painting Furniture with Chalk Paint at Mrs. Hines' Class

Take plastic bins from the dollar store and upgrade them using metallic spray paint to give them a tin finish!

Make your own Shimmery sprays

How To Spray Paint furniture

Wipe on mineral spirits... Clean with ivory dish soap... Use gel stain... No need to strip the wood. (The link takes you to an article with comprehensive wood furniture repair techniques. It is a truly superb, professional post!)

Tells you how many cans are needed from an office chair to a couch. Charcoal Grey Upholstery Fabric Paint

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