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women's land army

WW2 Women's Land Army recruiting poster

"During WWII years 1941-1945 the majority of able US men & boys of age went overseas to fight the war and many able women went to work in the war materials industry which left American agriculture with a major labor shortage. To help deal with this problem Congress authorized funds for an Emergency Farm Labor Service that included the "U.S. Crop Corps" & the "Women's Land Army" both designed to help get laborers onto the farms & fields to most to help American farmers bring in their crops."

Women's Land Army Poster

WLA commerative medals. According to Nicola Tyrer’s 1996 history, “They Fought in the Fields: The Women’s Land Army,” after the war, Winston Churchill vetoed the inclusion of the WLA in the demobilization grants to women who served in the military. Thirty years later, Tyrer wrote, the WLA was denied permission to march in a WWII remembrance procession. In 2008, the British government finally recognized the WLA by awarding these service badges.

British Propaganda Posters of the Second World War - Join the Women's Land Army

WWI Poster - recruiting women for the Motor Corps of America

Gleaning: Women's Land Army Recruitment Posters In 1943 the Women’s Land Army (WLA), as part of the Emergency Farm Labor Program, provided agricultural labor to the nation’s farmers. Under the auspices of the USDA and Extension Service, the WLA recruited, hired, and placed farm and nonfarm women over the age of 18 throughout the country during WWII