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Women's Land Army Poster

Be In The Winning Team . Join The Women's Land Army . Recruiting Reopened

WLA commerative medals. According to Nicola Tyrer’s 1996 history, “They Fought in the Fields: The Women’s Land Army,” after the war, Winston Churchill vetoed the inclusion of the WLA in the demobilization grants to women who served in the military. Thirty years later, Tyrer wrote, the WLA was denied permission to march in a WWII remembrance procession. In 2008, the British government finally recognized the WLA by awarding these service badges.

Women's Land Army girls, 1942, Gosford, NSW, Australia. Thousands of young women joined the Women's Auxiliary National Service (WANS), more commonly known as the Women's Land Army on the home front during World War 2. They kept farms and food production going and helped to feed both the civilian population and service personnel.

Land Girl: A Manual for Volunteers Food and fuel production were essential to keeping the country running. The Women’s Land Army, formed in 1914 to increase food production, was reinstated in 1939.

Farmerettes of the Woman's Land Army of America Read more:

A vital war job - Join the Women's Land Army. A healthy open-air life. -- WWII poster (Australia, UK), c. 1939-1945 ~

Land Girl Iris Joyce leads a bull at a farm somewhere in Britain. Iris had previously been a typist but after four weeks training at the Northampton Institute of Agriculture, she is now confident to deal with such animals and all aspects of her work in the Women’s Land Army ~