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I really like Bishop she really fits in/....I'm slowly learning to like her. They've constructed such a very different type of character and that's an adjustment in itself.

“Let's pretend for just one moment that could actually happen. You close your eyes and I'll close mine and let's dream the same dream across the Atlantic, lighting up the darkness between us. Can you see it, Stu? Can you see us up there, shining in all the black?”

Surviving a pandemic disease that has killed everyone he knows, a pilot establishes a shelter in an abandoned airport hangar before hearing a random radio transmission that compels him to risk his life to seek out other survivors.

“Feeling the heat of anger right now, I close my eyes and look into the future. Three hundred years from now, where will you, where will I, be?” ~ Thích Nhất Hạnh <3 lis

One of my Favourie movies at the moment; cant get over it. Just watching this makes me love Geoffrey Rush more and more, he really did a good job as David Helfgott as an adult. Thank you David Helfgott for your amazement and you dedication to inspire and show the world your talent; Thank you :D

Where the Stars Still Shine - - Where the Stars Still Shine Sun, 16 Feb 2014 13:05:19 GMT $9.99 Please bear in mind that prices at Amazon may change at any moment. If you see something you want - snag it while it's hot!


National Proposal Day: Patti Stanger Judges 7 Viral Engagements

The World 50 Years Ago: 1963 in LIFE Covers | I remember this cover. It was a sad time for this high school boy. I heard he was shot during gym class and went to a lunch where adults and kids were crying.

The 32 Greatest Unscripted Movie Scenes - Many favorite lines were made up on the spot, like "Here's Johnny!"