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Color idea (Our living room color scheme is Tuscan and includes country green, chocolate brown, sunflower gold, terra cotta and brick red. It works and I love it.

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Just 10 things. I would really like a yellow front door. Our siding is gray and yellow would look fabulous. I'd prefer the lighter yellow rather than the gold.

I like these colors for the living room. With all that natural light it'll feel bright and open plus and soft palette with the country home tones.

winter chirp- Just when I think I have seen all of the beautiful color combinations with my favorite blue this wintery gem comes along. Now I REALLY know I've decided on this color scheme!


They call it 'nature made hues' we think its a lovely take on traditional red, white and blue British colourings. Perfect pallet of colours if your planning a party with a theme for the Jubilee.

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A vibrant mix of raspberry-red shades with muted "dusty" shades of green will look very good in the living room with the existing evergreen carpet. Save money/time and just clean the carpet and go with a color that works.

Color Palettes

I like the one with leaves. The pink/beige and the blue green at the bottom