end of year

My Summer Looks Bright! Summer Writing Activity

Summer Writing Idea or Dive Into a New Year

"Name" The Super Hero! Write about the powers and deeds you would do if you were a Super Hero... Use photo?

summer bucket lists

End of the year activities

I see myself...cute beginning of the year activity. What they "see" themselves learning or doing over the course of the year.

Back to school idea - "We're looking back on summer, this is what we see!" Have students draw pictures of things they have done over summer break in sunglasses. Free download.

Fun superheroes writing! Super hero day

Great end of year activity!

End of the year art project idea - make sunglasses and draw reflection pictures of how you want to spend your summer. Could do in fall too of how the kids spent their vacation.

I am so doing this this year!

End of the year reflection activity

shark writing

What's in your brain? (art and writing) Great getting to know you activity for back to school

Aging App for 100th Day of school and then do a writing "If I were 100 years old..."

Third Grade Love... Could also be for back to school writing about summer memories


"Mother/Father of the Year Magazine Cover" Students will enjoy designing magazine covers featuring their parents for Mother's Day or Father's Day. Inside their magazine, they can write an article describing why their parents deserve this special recognition. These magazine covers would make a fun idea for a Mother's or Father's Day bulletin board display.

end of the year the important book

Inference Bags-definitely doing this next year!