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We all collect, whether we set out to amass a collection or it happens organically, our affinity for one thing or another grows. Globes take up a lot of real estate, and this dense display sits out of the way and keeps lower surfaces clear for use.:

collection LUNDAG On RD | decor, family life, building conservation, rural life, vintage, color & shape: Stockholm Journey Part 5/5 - Findings

Canadian photographer Todd McLellan. For his Disassembly series, he rounded up old relics from our past – everything from cassette tapes to typewriters – and meticulously took apart every piece by hand before arranging the chaotic mess into neat collections

Things Come Apart by Todd McLellan - in pictures

Sony digital SLR camera Things Come Apart by Canadian photographer Todd McLellan makes visible the inner workings of everyday products by dismantling, carefully arranging the components and photographing them. His book, Things Come Apart, presents a unique view of items such as chainsaws and iPods, transforming ordinary objects into works of art