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I love water. Everyone should drink more of it. Imagine if you didn't have access to clean drinking water!

10 Healthy Habits: 0 Hours of television 1 Hour of exercise 2 Liters of water 3 Cups of hot green tea 4 Short mental breaks 5 Small meals 6 AM wake up time 7 Minutes of laughter 8 Hours of sleep (at least) 9 PM end of the day and off to bed 10 Prayers of gratitude => Free Expert Advice on Alternative Cure, Fitness & Yoga

Yes, it is a lot but you will feel better in the long run. In fact, if you are exercising - you should drink even more. Think of all the calories burned while running to the bathroom!

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Inspiring Quotes When You Need Some Life Motivation

@lottiefrank I think we are a match mad in heaven....surely madness is better when it's doubled up!

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The Secret Hack To Drinking More Water - Get Healthy U

No calories! Free! Life-changing! Water is one of the most amazing things you can put in your body with tons of healthy benefits- here is how YOU CAN drink more!