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Famous Quotes on Images (Part 1)

A theme park was not to far away from the house. The group decided that the loud noise and the crowds would be a good cover for them until they found a better option. After all, keeping Ben safe wouldn't be easy. They'd always have to be on the move. they knew that now. Prudence especially, she thought about it from the bright red swing that allowed her to look over the heads below. She felt a little sad to be leaving the fields of flowers behind but she knew there would be others.

FACT: If You're NOT Sparkling On New Year's Eve, You're NOT Really Celebrating

"A cup of hopes and dreams." How cute with the reflection of lights lookin like it's coming from the mug!

I decided that I wanted to share some of the images that inspire and excite me. My main tumblr (theburninglotus) is mostly self-shot and rather than confuse things at this point, this seemed like a good idea. So rather than images of TheBurningLotus, I...

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