Winter Themed Math Fun Activities and Games, 3rd Grade Com $6.00

Here's a set of winter-themed math centers with activities on rounding and multiplication.

Fraction of the Day Common Core Aligned 5th Grade: This idea of a fraction of the day is great! Start it in 3rd grade.

Fraction Sort: Comparing and Ordering Using Benchmark Fractions. Amazing game for any grade 3rd - 7th!


Cookin' Up Fun with Fractions is a complete unit to use while teaching the 3rd grade Common Core Standard 3.NF. Standards covered 3.NF.1... $7.00

#Fractions This "I CAN" Math game covers all standards for FRACTIONS in 3rd grade. Perfect for Guided Math & Test Prep! {Common Core} With QR codes! $

Winter Math Warm-Ups - 4 pages of multiplication, division, and fraction practice for 3rd and 4th grade.

Here's a lesson on customary length that includes vocabulary word cards, activity sheet for students, and a homework page.

FREE!!!! 3rd Grade Common Core NF.2 Fractions and Number Lines

52 winter-themed task cards, covering addition and subtraction of fractions, locating fractions on a number line, improper fractions, mixed numbers, fraction word problems, and more! Answer key and student recording sheet included for a SUPER low price! Use this as a center or fun activity for early finishers throughout the winter months. $

Pizza Fractions! So many FUN and hands-on ways to work with fractions!

Equal parts or not equal parts worksheet (Fun with Fractions First Grade Common Core Packet)

3rd Grade Common Core Math Fractions Student Data Tracking Binders with pre/post test graphs.

FREE Equivalent Fractions activity (Pizza Fraction Fun). Great homework practice after class makes their own fraction strips- Lora Ashley

All you have to do is print, and you're ready to go! These multiplication printables are a great way to supplement your existing math curriculum. The packet includes representing multiplication, multiplication facts, and much more!

Distributive Property is an essential concept for our students. This packet includes over 50 pages of activities and games. Check it out. $

Scoot Over The Rainbow MultiStep MATH FREEBIE by Farrah Shipley Designs - This game includes multi-step math problems that include addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Here's a set of 25 winter themed word problems. A lot of these are multi-step problems, involving all 4 of the operations. Topics include money, decimals, arrays, areas, volume and fractions.

Halloween Activities Packet - This Halloween resource includes a variety of Halloween themed activities aligned with Common Core. $

This Thanksgiving Activities Packet includes reading comprehension, literacy, writing, speaking & listening, and math activities. Common core aligned! Cover the core, social studies, and have fun! $