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Pizza Fractions Project!

Fraction Game - third-fourth grade

fraction game using connect four for a math activity

Using names to show fractions on a number line 3.NF.3

Teaching fractions with play-doh! This help students visualize fraction games that will help them understand fractions conceptually.

Fraction Fish Third grade students learn about fractions in their Math class. They used their knowledge of fractions to create an underwater picture using cut paper circles. they were asked to identify different fractions in their pictures, such as 1 whole, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, some students even created pieces as small as 1/32!! They had a good time making their pictures while reviewing their Math concepts.

Lego Fraction Games for Kids Learning Activity (Five Game Ideas) #LEGO

Bubblegum Fractions from Family of First Graders on - (5 pages)

Fractions of a Whole Number QR Code Math Fun - FREE from FlapJack Ed Resources on - (6 pages)


Shopping for Fractions | Covering the Bases | Government Services

Here's a fraction sorting activity. Cut and paste pieces include fraction words and pictures.

Pizza Fractions! So many FUN and hands-on ways to work with fractions!

This 28-page product is jam-packed with quality goodies that will provide you with great resources to use for your fraction unit! What's Included: *Explanation of Interactive Math Notebooks *Fraction Vocabulary Words *Numerator vs. Denominator Mini Anchor Chart *Equivalent Fractions *Estimating Fractions *Color Label the Fraction *Fractions of a Set *Fraction Story Problems *Photos of these interactive math notebook pages

For teaching fractions on a number the context of a ruler. Fun!

These are FREE hands-on math task cards that use the relationships between Pattern Blocks to build and challenge fraction knowledge. The activities are really fun and help children learn independently!

It's called the Backwards Zoro. Starting at the bottom, draw a line from the 4 to the 24 (4 goes into 24 six times). Draw the line to the 3 (six times three is 18). Draw the top line and write the answer. Presto! # Pin++ for Pinterest #

Teaching Fractions On A Number Line good ideas in here!

Teaching To Inspire In 5th: Math

Fraction Matching - hands-on math fun!

This would be a great assessment for fractions! See if students can correctly make each fraction of the pizza a certain type...then maybe ask questions about it (how much more of the pizza is cheese than sausage?)

M & M Fractions with buddies. The link takes you to TpT, but I remember doing this in student teaching- glad to be reminded of it!

Equal parts cut and paste worksheets - 3 of them for only a dollar!

Understanding Fractions Poster — Edgalaxy