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  • Monica Miller

    Elapsed Time- YouTube video teaching students how to find elapsed time using a timeline/number line. Great video that shows step by step and includes several problems students can solve with the "teacher".

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The best way I have ever seen to teach elapsed time. The process is a few minutes in. The kids got it so quickly this year! :)

This package contains 3 Telling Time and 2 Elapsed Time Games, 72 Clock Cards, and 6 Teaching Posters. About What Time Is It?: Six Teaching posters designed to help students focus on the hour hand to estimate time. Students are encouraged to look at the hour hand to decide if the time is almost __:__ , a little after __:__, or between __:__and __:__.

What's the Big Idea? - Show #14: Elapsed Time What's the Big Idea? is a series of short math videos based on 5th grade state standards. The videos support, reteach, or enhance lessons already taught by the teacher. Alexis and Trent are featured in every show. MVP Jonah, the Math Vocabulary Person, defines and explains important math terms.

Elapsed Time Number-Line - a really great video on teaching elapsed time by kids FOR kids!

FREE Elapsed Time Video: How to Solve Elapsed Time on a Number Line - YouTube

Practice elapsed time with Phineas & Ferb. How cool is that?!

In this packet is a game reviewing elapsed time using I have... Who has... A great way to practice and review elapsed time with your students....