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80s swatch ad

Seductive 80s airbrush work


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I've never seen a card like this - amazing. Don't think that this would have gone too well waaaaay down south. Has to be VERY RARE CARD ! [31069] 1945 POSTCARD BLACK AMERICANA WHITE GIRL KISSING BLACK SOLDIER VALENTINE

80s Hair and Makeup

80S Fashion

Poochie. It came to me in my sleep last night. An 80s toys I probably haven't even thought about since... well, the 80s.

pink plastic basket purse vintage 80s . I loved mine so much! I fit everything in this!

Crimper-- love the 80's!!

Rainbow hearts Old School Trapper Keeper. #1980s #80s

1980s TV: The A-Team my sisters favorite programme back in the day

love the 80s

80s MTV

80s fashion - oh yes we did!