Dirty Clothes, Dryer and Washing Machine Homemade Costumes

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fortune teller booth halloween costume, "I see you... Buying me a drink right about now"

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Dirty Laundry and Washing Machine Halloween Costumes

The Homemade "Airing Our Dirty Laundry" Group Costumes took approximately 16-18 hours and went a little like this: 1. Found an old box, cut it in half and painted it - proceeded to measure and cut out holes once dry. 2. Gathered bottle caps and deli trays, cut and covered them in tinfoil - added knobs and laundry tubs to machines. Designed, printed and added stickers, etc to the control panel. 3. Velcro or glue on accessories such as detergent bottles, plugs, plumbing, and added clothing.

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Genie on a Magic Carpet - Homemade Illusion Costume

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Best Halloween costume ever!

cat in the hat - halloween for when i'm a teacher!

Washing Machine and Laundry Basket Homemade Costumes for Kids

Homemade Butterfly Costume Designs: Homemade butterfly costume designs: So my girls wanted to be butterflies for Halloween this year. Well, I did not want to go and buy some cheap (or not

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Spice Girls