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Black and yellow/gold always look great together. The handwritten—rex—nice logo. Using that over and over again highlights the brand.

Vintage Style Badges and Logos Vol 2

Ugly Dog Design's rebranding proves to be pleasantly attractive. The logo doesn't connect all of its lines, allowing the viewer to fill in the blanks. It's a simple black, white, and hint of blue design. The dog sits up on the "Ugly Dog Design" text that bookends the black words on each end of the blue center (same as the dog's eye).

Shows how inspiration can come from anything ordinary :)

custom typography... mmm, the top one is done with Sakura Micron pens | Fresh Ligature by

We Are Wildness by Tmas

Kingfish - Sushi / fish restaurant | Designer: Emil Hartvig

95 Excellent Monogram Logo Designs | Bashooka | Cool Graphic & Web Design Blog

this is a very generic seafood logo. its very obvious. but it looks good and works well. i would eat there