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Grace Robertson - On the Caterpillar: “The delight, abandon, and terror of these ladies as they rumble down a rollercoaster in Clapham in England’s grim post-war years throbs with life.”

Photographer Unknown Gymnastics, lose weight. Group fat women undergoing slimming course in a courtyard in New York, 1920s.

Embedd Ice skating in New York, 1937. Photo by John Alboked image permalink ice skating is also dancing

Real friends help you get the girl #reddit. I love the guy above the one kissing the bomb.

Lisa Larsen - Syracuse University, 1949 (what a fantastic shot! Love the "feel"...can't tell me it didn't make you smile.)

The Woodstock Music Festival - 1969 I smile every time I see this photo.....this little girl is having a great time!!