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hahahaha idk why I find this so funny, oh wait... yes i do! haha

Waking Up Is Hard To Do - the Laryngospasms are a group of male Nurse Anesthetists that have the BEST SINGING VOICES! Their songs are HYSTERICAL! Listen to all of them. I STILL laugh every time I listen! You'll love them!

The best baby laugh video ever. [I agree. If you aren't laughing 30 seconds into this video, you should check to see if you are alive. Totally awesome. I love the Dad's laugh, too.]

Watch Will Smith rap The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, reunite with Carlton, and dance "The Carlton" and Jump on it. This is the single greatest thing I've ever seen. I can die now.

This was hilarious, disturbing, and awesome all at the same time! These boys had to have practiced this thing a thousand times to get the timing down that good! That's a lot of energy right there! I needed a good laugh

LOL This little kid deserves an award this is legit the funniest thing ever i could watch it over and over and over!!