• Annie | The Garlic Diaries

    cant wait to see the vow

  • Andrea White

    true fact!

  • Megan Sullivan

    Id marry this man <3

  • Chelsea McKinney

    dream come true

  • Miranda Hawbaker

    Channing Tatum [in reference to "The Vow"] -- LOL!! #TheVow #ChanningTatum

  • haleigh tomlin

    The Vow starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum. The story is about a girl and guy who meet ad fall in love. They go on one particular day and they kissing at a spotlight when a truck pulls through and t-bones them from the read. McAdams flies through the front window due to a lack if a seat let and is instantly force into a coma. They were married before the accident; but when she awakes... she doesn't rembrr Tatum and asks that they not see each other. He tries To make her fall in love.

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Again, Ian Somerhalder.

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alittle LL..

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Love him!




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Definitely wouldn't. When's the honeymoon?

the rock.

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