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. Bug. I'm loving the fact that I've changed a few peoples opinions about rats with my photos of Bug. Rats are such lovely animals, they're so misunderstood. I have had three rats all in all, and each one has been totally different. Bug thinks she's human

How To Build A Rotating Canned Food System If you need a great storage system for your pantry, then this project is for you! Could this be your next project to organize your pantry?

This is a pretty brilliant idea for shoe storage...great for toys, tools, small kitchen gadgets or whatever. Not a fan of the price but the idea is great!

7 Tips & Ideas To Organize Your Closet

Color Coordinating Your Closet....Im not an organised person but if I was this would be an awesome way to do it...

26 Resolutions To Keep You Organized In 2015

This would be nice to put in laundry/mud room to keep all cleaning supplies together. I need this organization in my closets

Creative Under Sink Storage Ideas

Stacking Plastic Bins Under Bathroom Cabinet. These stacking containers from the Dollar Tree stack vertically very well. You can even clearly see what is in the bins without labeling these organizers.