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    I remember this!! This was my main entertainment for years!

    Swinging with Friends - who didn't do this?

    Remember this?

    Etch a sketch

    Pink sponge rollers. Ever see a picture of me when I was in third grade?

    50 Things You Will Never Be Able To Forget! I literally remember all of these things from my childhood! Where did all of this stuff disappear to?


    remember these?

    Loved these guys

    Childhood Toys That Were Way Too Good To Share -

    Lite Brite! I think we're still finding the pegs in random places.

    Stuiterballen / bouncing balls #childhood #memories....These things/balls use to fly high !!! Boy, did they bounce or what!!!

    vintage brown viewmaster.

    I loved the smell of the spent caps... ahhh... memories

    Remember the yummy

    Twister (a game of physical skill): Twister was submitted for patent by in 1966, and became a success when Eva Gabor played it with Johnny Carson on television's Tonight Show on May 3, 1966. However, in its success, Twister was also controversial. The company that produced the game, Milton Bradley, was accused by its competitors of selling "sex in a box". That accusation was probably because Twister was the first popular American game to use human bodies as playing pieces.

    loved these growing up!

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    Candy Lipstick in various shades, fun!