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  • Christie Millar

    HAHAHA Never thought of the time turner. wow BUT in jo's defense, harry would have had to re-live his whole life. to get back to the present. and it would have messed up time and all this stuff. idk it makes sense in my head. think about it, everything from the time turner in book 3 made sense, but how could they have made sense of harry living with his aunt and uncle if his parents survived?

  • La Toya

    The time turner made for a great book (the tightest of the 7), but it was too powerful. Nothing like that should exist in any world, real or fantasy. #harrypotter #Dumbledore #Timeturner #HP

  • Mekayla Curran

    This is funny but couldn't have happened anyways because the time turner could only be used to go back in time to a maximum of 5 hours safely and, two years after Hermione had had the time turner, they were all destroyed by the Department of Mysteries. Even wizards and witches couldn't successfully figure out and control time and time travel was deemed extremely dangerous as one wrong moment could completely alter many people's futures

  • Bree Bess

    Too funny! I never thought about the time turner

  • Jenna Papke

    Harry Potter Humor… I thought this!

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Someone commented "~Gigglesnort~" Yep, that about sums it up.

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