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05/19/13: wake up and set up - a vigorous 30 min morning practice to mend my back in Istanbul!

05/27/13: home sweet home - did this mellow vinyasa class focused on post-travel survival and my body feels much more open and grounded. Om!

05/30/13: a solid hour of vinyasa after work at yoga to the people unlimited classes for $18/mo. Think I'm going to try this along with going to my weekly class...

Day 3 - there's a little movement here but it's relaxing...really slept well afterwards

New Moon Flow is a circular lunar salutation (chandra namaskar) that revolves around the mat representing the cyclical nature of life and in particular, the cycle of renewal. Make this a special sacred ritual of renewal for yourself, whether you are starting a new job, planning a new venture or simply acknowledging your own evolutionary process. This flow is creative, challenging and yet simple all in one!

05/12/13: feeling sick w a head cold but wanted to stretch. This sweet and gentle practice was a perfect choice.

05/31/13: active morning flow - all about surya. It was like a shot of espresso!

05/23/13: Morning vinyasa flow with Gina in Cesme

05/28/13: did a Power Hour class @ Stanyan Yoga Tree w Michelle Bouvier - very dance-like flow probably inspired by her Hoola Hooping background

Detox Tip: Breathe Deep Into Your Abdomen Deep breathing, where you fill your belly and expand your diaphragm downwards, is one of the most powerful exercises you can do to activate your lymph system which helps to detoxify your body. Think of your lymph system as your own personal garbage removal system. Practice 10 deep slow breaths counting 4 seconds in, 8 seconds hold and 8 seconds out. You can do this exercise watching the TV, walking the dog, during meditation or whilst practicing yoga.

‘I nurture creative thought through quiet contemplation.’ Words by Aaryaa at - astrology for Self-Development.