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Holly Nice

Holly 10

Sea Holly

Lowest Point

Wonder Sea

Plants Eryngium

Blue Purple White Garden

Wonder Plant

Gorgous Garden

Little Blue Wonder Sea Holly

Blue Eryngium

Eryngium Thistle

Eryngium Bouquet

Blue Thistle Bouquet

Flowers Thistle

Thistle Plants

Holly Eryngium

Eryngium Planum


~~ Spiky and blue ~~ Eryngium - Sea Holly ~~

Holly Thistle

Thistle Flower

Thistle Form

Blue Thistle Bouquet

Sea Thistle

Globe Thistle

Fleur Flowers

Flowers Flowers

Wedding Flowers

Eryngium 'Sapphire Blue' Sea Holly, not thistle, but similar & quite beautiful

Blue Sooo

Big Blue

Blue Amy S

Blue Sea Holly

Blue Grey

Eryngium Thistles

Eryngium Bourgatii

Holly Eryngium

Holly Thistle

sea holly 'big blue' I love gorgeous

Flowers Intense

100 Flowers

Intense Blue

Flores Flowers

Hillside Garden

Sun Garden

2016 Garden

Shade Garden

Flower Garden

Eryngium planum 'Little Blue Wonder', Outstanding thistle-like flowers are radiant on bright blue branching stems. Each branch bears over 100 flowers. Intense blue flowers blanket this petite sea holly at the front of your border, in full sun or in the shade. Wondrous colour is long-lasting even indoors—perfect for cut or dried bouquets. Drought tolerant. 10-12'' H 12-18'' W

Purple Border

Purple And Blue

Shades Of Blue

Pretty Blue

Color Purple

Pretty Purples

Purple Blue Garden


Violet Garden

blue and purple border

Sp Blue

Periwinkle Blue

Lavender Blue

Blue White

Bright Purple

Flowers Blu

Flowers Cacti

Flowers Nature

Flores Flowers

Campanula 'Blue Wonder'

Time Plants

Plants To Plant

Great Plants

Specific Plants

Fabulous Plants

Flowering Plants

Garden Plants

Dense Flowering

Flowering Spikes

Eryngium/Sea Holly "Blue Glitter"

Sn Border

Colours Border

Gardening Purple

Purple Gardens

Plant Combination

Plant Combos

Silver Garden

Blue Garden

Chilled Mix

Cool colours border

Flowers For Garden

Fun Flowers

Special Flowers

Flowers Beauty

Flowers Butterflies

Flowers Gardens

Sapphire Sea

Holly Sapphire

Grow Garden

Sea Holly Eryngium Sapphire Blue spiky blue flowers

White Borders

Pretty Borders

Purple Borders

Lavender Borders

Flower Borders

Beautiful Repetition

Beautiful Blues

Beautiful Space

Beautiful Border

Blue and white borders

Gardening Flowers Trees Plants

Flowers Gardens

Flower Gardening

Zone 9 Gardening

Gardening Galore

Secret Gardening

Landscape Flowers

Fruit Gardens

Balcony Gardening

Japanese Bottlebrush...another idea for garden borders

Delphinium Anchusa

Iris Delphinium

Garden Campanula

Delphinium Gorgeous

Border Campanula

Sunny Garden Border

Grow Delphiniums

English Perennial Garden

English Garden Border

Blue Border Garden | Campanula, Iris, Delphinium, Anchusa by valarie

Garden Pink

Butterfly Garden

Dream Garden

Flower Garden

Beach Garden

Plants Eryngium

Blue Eryngium

Gardens Fences

Dry Gardens

Amethyst Sea Holly 'Sapphire Blue' (Eryngium ) with yarrow and coneflower

Garden Landscapes

Landscape Gardening

Yard Gardening

Gardening Flowers

Container Gardening

Blue Gardens

Sunny Gardens

Cottage Gardens

7 Inch

Sunny Border Blue' Veronica

Blue Garden

My Garden

Garden Getaways

Blue Veronica

Mixed Border

Secret Garden




blue veronica in a mixed border

Biv Garden

Oli S Garden

Blue Garden

Garden Bliss

Garden Iris

Nature Garden

Evergreen Boxwoods

Small Evergreen

Yards Gardens

Irises and herbaceous geraniums in the blue border in the garden at Great Chalfield Manor, Wiltshire

Dreamer'S Gardens

Cottage Gardens

Gardens Spaces

Blue Petals

Blue Flowers

Gardening Propagating Raised

Gardening View

Manor Wiltshire

Cotswolds Uk

A blue border with hardy geraniums and irises at the fifteenth-century Great Chalfield Manor, Wiltshire, UK

Blue Garden

Garden Path

The Secret Garden

Secret Gardens

Garden Details

Border Blue

Sunny Border

Gardening Ideas

Spicata Sunny

A bee visits Veronica spicata ‘Sunny Border Blue’ ⓒ 2010 Michaela at TGE

Purple Auricula

Auricula Flowers

Primula Auricular


Primula Flower

Flowers Purples

Purple Blooms

Petals Blue

Pretty Petals

Blue Heaven

Blue Sunflowers

Purple Flowers

Exotic Flowers

Artistic Flowers

Flower Colors

Fragrant Flowers

Suns Beautiful

Beautiful Flowers

Gorgeous Blue

blue suns