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Explore South Approach, Approach Photo, and more!

South Lost Lake/Lost Lake Falls. Bellingham Area. Roundtrip 9.0 miles, Elevation Gain 1950 ft, Highest Point 1650 ft. (Good Year Round Hike)

Lake Ingalss. Snoqualmie -- Salmon La Sac/Teanaway. Roundtrip 9 miles, Elevation Gain 2500 ft, Highest Point 6500 ft.

Lake Whatcom Trail. Bellingham Area. Roundtrip 6.2 miles, Elevation Gain 100 ft, Highest Point 100 ft. (Good Year Round Hike)

Gothic Basin. North Cascades -- Mountain Loop Highway. Roundtrip 9.0 miles, Elevation Gain 2840 ft, Highest Point 5200 ft.

Kendall Katwalk. Snoqualmie Pass. Roundtrip 11.0 miles, Elevation Gain 2600 ft, Highest Point 5400 ft.

Steamboat Rock. Eastern Washington -- Ellensburg. Roundtrip 4.0 miles, Elevation Gain 650 ft, Highest Point 2250 ft. (Spring, summer, fall hike)

Lord Hill Loop. Puget Sound. Roundtrip 10.0 miles, Elevation Gain 200 ft, Highest Point 200 ft. (Year Round Walking Trails)

Hamilton Mountain. South Cascades -- Columbia Gorge (Mt. St Helens area). Roundtrip 9.0 miles, Elevation Gain 2000 ft, Highest Point 2438 ft. (Best in spring)

Boulder River (#734). North Cascades -- Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. Roundtrip 8.6 miles, Elevation Gain 700 ft, Highest Point 1550 ft. (Year round hike)

West Tiger 3. Issaquah Alps -- South Puget Sound Region. Roundtrip 5.0 miles, Elevation Gain 2100 ft, Highest Point 2525 ft. (Year round hike)