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  • Katybeth Jensen

    If you’re like me (and countless other I’ve talked to), while you best ideas may come to you in the shower you’ve never devised a good system for capturing your epic shower ideas. Recently I found a solution! Aqua Notes, are a waterproof notepad that allows you to record your great ideas while you’re in the shower. This weeks Odd Give Away is an Aqua Pad--never let another good idea slip away...SHOWER POWER.

  • Nicole Greuel

    Aqua Notes: Waterproof paper! 40 sheets of paper plus pencil and suction cup pencil holder for $6.99 shower ideas!

  • Tami

    Aqua Notes: Waterproof paper! I get my best ideas in the shower! $6.99 cool gift idea

  • Regan Jackson

    Cool Gifts | Product Categories | :: Best Products On Amazon under $20 <<< I FINALLY FOUND IT!!!! A WATERPROOF NOTEPAD SO YOU CAN WRITE DOWN YOUR AWESOME SHOWER IDEAS!!!

Related Pins | Aquanotes Notepad 5 Pack I totally need this! Always get ideas in the shower...and it's waterproof!

  • D Aristigui

    Just enjoy the shower!!! Is nothing sacred any more!!! lol

  • Laura H

    I always thought there should be "Soap Notes" so you could capture those fleeting thoughts that come when there's nothing around to jot them down with....beat me to the draw! Great idea....

  • Edee Surrell

    I always have the neatest ideas in the shower. I love this idea!

  • Carleton Torpin

    I feel sorry for the commentors that don't understand why this is awesome. It must be awful to life a live devoid of spontaneous creativity.

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Backyard inflatable pool becomes a great, safe indoor play area for baby! Haha, smart if you have the room!

I just love this idea for a laundry chute because I'm wild about boats. oceans, lakes, rivers, fish, seaweed, zebra mussels on shipwrecks that slice your hand open - it's so calming to me. I don't think this is necessarily elegant, but I would love to see it everyday.

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How cool! You can do this with so much!" data-componentType="MODAL_PIN

Super Awesome Pic Dump Of The Day (21 Funny Pics)

SO cute!! This is for sale on ETSY but I wonder how hard it would be to make?!?! SO PRETTY!

Quite handy to have around the office. via @ange_leung

Shower that is almost outdoor