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Long live rock and roll! one of da best things in da world. guys with teased up hair going on stage in their underwhear hahaha jk. long live Rock 'n' roll!

While working as a booker at the Jagger Live Music Restaurant I had the pleasure to get to know old rock legends such as Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep) or Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple) and to get a taste of the rock music business...

What Masculinity Looks Like on Pinterest These Days -

Puss in Boots Motörhead - Have a fucking weekend.and don't forget to Rock n Roll!


Detail from I (Anatomical) Heart You hand-printed Valentine’s Day or Anniversary letterpress card, by chrystalvaughan.

Top 100 Songs of 2003

I love music and it is a massive part of my life. I can't play an instrument but I love listening to music.

Paint it Black by - vanth -, via Flickr  When in doubt about an old, beat up piece of furniture...

Paint it Black ( Rolling Stones ) "I see a red door and I want it painted black. No colors anymore I want them to turn black.

#DiaMundialDoRock - 20 Ilustrações dos astros do Rock

► #DiaMundialDoRock - 20 Ilustrações dos astros do Rock

You've got your mother in a whirl 'cause she's not sure if you're a boy or a girl Rebel Rebel - David Bowie Excuse me while I cry

I'm going through concert with drawls

Concerts and music festivals are one of the happiest places in the world -- listening to your favorite band with a thousand other fans. Music brings people together and creates unforgettable bonds.

Vintage-wash inspired jeans are right at home with a moto jacket and Rock 'n' Roll boots -


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Yeaah \m/

Teaching our youth to early on! little boy mohawk concert kid metal rock