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    Pinkified Science Harms More than it Helps (click thru for video and analysis)

    3y Saved to Gender Studies
    • Monica Elizabeth

      "Science: It's a girl thing!" - This is one of the most insulting videos I have ever seen, that claims it wants to promote science to women and girls. I'm a biologist and science is NOTHING like this video! Grrrrr.

    • Jennifer Lucking

      Pinkified Science Harms More than it Helps. Commercial doesn't work on this webpage - to see it go here "Girls appeared to see these images and, instead of thinking 'Oh, I can like makeup and clothes but still do science!', they thought, not unreasonably, 'Oh, great, so I have to be smart and still meet all the demands of conventional femininity, too?'"

    • Kirk Englehardt

      Science: It's a girl thing! (so, this is causing a stir on the net - what do you think? A great recruitment tool - or a major fail?

    • ManchesterGirlGeeks

      There's a lot of banging heads against desks going on at the moment, caused by this: "Science: It's a girl thing!"

    • Larisa Stanescu

      This video was published by the European Commission for a campaign designed to attract more women to a career in science.

    • Tarsicio Sañudo

      An ad campaign encouraging young women to study science received a significant amount of backlash.

    • Triona Guidry

      Women In Tech: Microsoft Is Just For Men, Plus Girls In Short Skirts FOR SCIENCE! (new blog)

    • Sociological Images

      Pinkified Science Harms More than it Helps (click thru for video and analysis)

    • Osocio

      Science: It’s a sexist thing #sciencegirlthing

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