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The more you look at it the more you laugh. Not this dog. No way. No how. Just another reason to live in California.

by Steven Meisel: Linda Evangelista by Steven Meisel

Grumpy Monkey, love it. Reminds me of my Hobbes and his stuff monkey!

It's crazy when you are cruising Pinterest and you see your dog posted by someone you don't know. Pug Girl can do it all! YES SHE CAN!

I was definitely put on this earth to love that weird? :)

pug babies. Kailey Fretwell Charlie Metzger George Metzger show Georgie. I don't think it'll get to him.

Pug-muffin - Puglet - Puggle - Noodle... you're supposed to hug em and kiss em and give em massages and belly/chest rubs and let em have whatever they want and let em sleep in bed with you on a pillow next to you... but most of all, you're supposed to love em and take the best of care of em cause they are that special... in fact, all pets are that special... ;-)

Eric Fruits Eric Fruits, Ph.D.: Welcome to Portland.