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  • Jennifer Finberg Josfan

    Freezable, whole foods recipes... PLUS printable recipe cards.

  • Michelle Yard

    Healthy meals. I do love me some freezer meals.

  • Amber Heidrich

    Freezer menu for those that want to cook unprocessed, organic menus. Grocery list, recipe cards, instructions and more. ("whole foods" = "real foods", not the store...)

  • Jackie Kirkpatrick

    Freezable recipes from whole foods (as in real not-processed food, rather than the chain grocery store) , including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and "add-on's", PLUS printable recipe cards. - @Briana Goff I think we need to check these out for our next freezer meal cook off.

  • Christina Vizithum

    Once a month cooking; whole foods freezer meals!

  • Sheree Grelle

    Freezable recipes from whole foods (as in real, not-processed food), including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and "add-on's", PLUS printable recipe cards and grocery list. I might need to give this a whirl!!

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